Social Media Management: Improve Business Visibility

How To Improve Your Business' Visibility With Social Media

Many businesses are making use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to promote their products and services. More than half of the world's population (over 4 billion) use social media in today's world. Coupled with the fact that it is free to use, social media is the perfect tool for business owners to reach and promote their products to their target audience.

Social media management is the process of creating, publishing, and managing social media accounts. It involves analyzing the target audience and developing a social media strategy focused on them, managing the audience engagements, monitoring social media conversations, and monitoring social media performance. It is the all-around, consistent, and intentional use of social media to achieve a particular goal.

Who is a social media manager? A social media manager is a skilled professional who creates and manages content, monitors social media performance, engages with the audience, and creates social media marketing campaigns to help you achieve your goals, like increasing your following or generating sales. Some of the roles of a social media manager are as follows

  1. Creating an effective social media strategy

  2. Curating and publishing relevant content (including videos, GIFs, infographics, etc.

  3. Planning and scheduling content publishing

  4. Analyzing and monitoring social media performance

  5. Engaging with the audience through DMs and the comment section

  6. Running social media marketing campaigns

  7. Analyzing the latest trends

  8. Monitoring competitor’s performance

Benefits of social media management Social media offers several benefits, particularly to small business owners

  1. It is cost-effective: It is free to sign up for social media platforms, publish content, and engage with the audience.

  2. Track performance: With social media, you can track your performance, in terms of engagements and reach

  3. It builds brand recognition: Through strategic social media management, you will be able to connect with your target customers and increase your brand’s engagement.

  4. It drives traffic: When effectively managed, your social media account can be utilized to drive traffic to your website, blog, etc. This will, in turn, help generate leads and sales.

  5. It builds relationships: Most social media managers focus on building meaningful relationships with their audience/customers by entertaining them, educating them, engaging with them, asking them questions, and getting their feedback.

Difference between social media management and social media marketing Although they have some similarities, social media management is different from social media marketing. While social media management involves creating and managing content on social media platforms, social media marketing is the process of promoting and advertising your brand on different social media platforms to engage your target audience, increase visibility, drive web traffic, and convert sales.

Effectively managing your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.) will be useful in helping you reach your target audience, converting them to customers, and building a sustainable relationship with them.